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Welcome to the Department
of Pathology and Molecular Medicine

Welcome to the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine of Queen’s University.  Our Department is uniquely placed at the interface between basic biomedical science and clinical medicine.  Our dedicated faculty deliver a broad array of highly integrated programs in fundamental and translational research, diagnostic laboratory services and education. In doing so, our Department has a distinctive role in the School of Medicine in that it serves as both a basic science department, with its attendant academic responsibilities, and a clinical department responsible for the delivery of complex laboratory services in the teaching hospitals.

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Canada Research Chair Renewed


Posted 2016 February 09

David Lillicrap (Pathology and Molecular Medicine) - For the past 25 years, the CIHR Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Molecular Hemostasis has been focused on the molecular basis of the common inherited bleeding disorders, hemophilia and von Willebrand disease. During the tenure of his Canada Research Chair, his group has achieved a number of research accomplishments including the establishment of a national reference laboratory for the genetic diagnosis of inherited bleeding diseases.

The Canada Research Chairs (CRC) program has stood at the centre of a national strategy to make Canada one of the world's top countries in research and development since 2000. The CRC program invests approximately $265 million per year to attract and retain some of the world's most accomplished and promising minds. Canadian universities both nominate Canada Research Chairs and administer their funds.


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Employment Opportunity:
Tier I Canada Research Chair in Bioinformatics Faculty of Health Sciences and Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Review of applications will commence on March 1, 2016 and will continue until the position is filled.

Queen’s University Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine The Dr. M. Daria Haust Pathology Summer Studentship Application Form The Dr. M. Daria Haust Pathology Studentship shall be used each year towards either funding one or two studentships for Queen’s medical students in the summer immediately after their first, second or third year of medical school, to undertake research, clinical work or academic endeavours in Pathology.

EVENTS 2015 events

Reading Week Mon-Fri 2016 February 15-19

All undergraduate classes cancelled

Monday February 15th - Statutory Holiday "Family Day" - University Closed

Tuesday February 16
8:30-9:30 Neuropathology Conference NOT scheduled this week
1:45-2:45 GI & Liver Conference Multihead Microscope Rm
4:00-5:00 Path830/930 Research Seminar - Richardson Lab Amphitheatre - Alyssa Cull, PhD Candidate, "A novel role for Tet2 in murine macrophage differentiation and polarization"

Wednesday February 17
8:00-8:55 Chapter 6: Diseases of the Immune System: Part II Richardson Lab Rm. 102 Dr. L. Chen
9:00-9:55 Work Force Management Richardson Lab Rm. 102 C. Jariwala
10:00-10:55 Micro Round Multihead Microscope Rm Dr. D. Berman
11:00-11:55 AP Seminar: Gyne Vulva Richardson Lab Rm. 102 Dr. T. Childs

Thursday February 18
12:30-1:30 Grand Round - Alina Bocicariu Richardson Amphitheatre Topic: Spindle Cell Lesions of the Breast- Algorithmic Approach and Diagnostic Pitfalls
4:00-5:00 STB Round Up Multihead Microscope Rm.

Friday February 19
9:00-9:30 Gross Rounds Dr. S. Varma Gross Room
1:30-2:30 Hematopathology Morphology Round Autopsy Conference Room

Courses offered in 2016 January: CANC440 * PATH310 * PATH430/826 *

Courses offered in 2016 September: CANC497 * CANC499 * PATH425 * PATH499 * PATH822

Welcome to the Queen's Laboratory for Molecular Pathology
The QLMP is part of the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. The QLMP provides rapid and economic advanced pathology services to researchers, students, clinicians, and private sector groups. The QLMP promotes productive interactions between scientists, clinicians, pathologists, and others by supporting research projects of common interest.
The QLMP offers a wide array of services including:
  • Histology
  • TMA design and construction
  • Whole slide scanning
  • TMA scanning
  • Customized immunohistochemistry and immunofluoroscence
  • Image analysis tools
  • Secure web database access and storage
  • Plastination
  • Electron Microscopy

    Welcome to The Canadian National Inherited Bleeding Disorder Genotyping Laboratory Providing molecular diagnostic services to the Canadian inherited bleeding disorder community.
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