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Faculty Research Interests
* (Go here for a list of Faculty involved in Graduate studies)
as not all of the faculty listed here are accepting Graduate Students or Post Doctoral Fellows)

Research Interests Primary Faculty
Faculty Research Interests (& Lab Links where available)
Biomarkers and therapeutic targets for bladder and prostate cancer
Translation aspects of lung, prostate and bladder cancer
Clinical mass spectrometry
MicroRNAs in Endometrial cancer; Biomarkers in cervical cancer
Cellular transport mechanisms in cancer biology
Testosterone, Troponin, biological variation, estimated GFR, teaching and continuing professional development
Basic and translational studies of the DNA damage response
Translational aspects of Urological Pathology
Structure function studies of multidrug resistance proteins (MRPs)
Lab Management
Molecular mechanisms breast cancer tumorigenesis and metastasis
Biomarkers in lymphoma
Cancer Biomarker discovery and validation, genomics
Identification and validation of novel therapeutic targets in breast cancer
Molecular hemostasis
Clinical and Pathologic studies of gastrointestinal neoplasia
Lab Management
Molecular mechanisms of leukemogenesis
Molecular hemostasis
Translational aspects of Gastrointestinal cancer
Clinical and Pathologic studies of cancer
Role of the RET proto-oncogene in cancer
Cell specific roles of PPARs in breast cancer
Translational studies in myeloid blood cancers and innate immune tolerance
Neil Renwick, MD, PhD Translational RNA Biology
Translational aspects of brain tumours
Systems oncology: identification of multi-component therapies in cancer
Translational aspects of breast cancer
Clinical trials; Biobanking
Translational research on prostate and other cancers 
Protein Structure and function
Anatomical Pathology
The molecular and cellular function of tumor suppressors in human cancer
Renal and Urological Pathology

Research Interests Cross Appointed Faculty
Faculty Research Interests
Tumour Immunology/Immunotherapy
Infectious diseases
Eye diseases
Genetics of Human Disease
Molecular and clinical aspects of von Willebrand disease
Genetics of skeletal disorders
Blood Diseases
Medical education, genetics education
Molecular and Cellular studies on nucleotide-mediated signalling
Molecular studies of Breast Cancer
Role of Retinoic acid in development
Signal trasduction
Molecular aspects of ulcerative colitis and Cronh's disease
Regulation of angiogenesis at the maternal-fetal interface
Infectious diseases
Cell biology in the fission yeast


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