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Contact Info:

  • Email: jamesp (at) queensu (dot) ca
  • Website:
  • Office Phone: 613-533-2946
  • FAX: 613-533-6855

    Research Interests:

    Our research is focused on investigating the genotype/phenotype interactions in inherited bleeding disorders; including von Willebrand disease (VWD) and Hemophilia. Our projects not only examine the molecular genetic basis of these disorders, but the clinical impact on affected individuals as well. Ongoing projects include a comprehensive study focusing on the impact of splicing variation on all subtypes of VWD, a large national study evaluating the genetic basis of Type 3 VWD (the rarest and most severe form of the disease) and studies evaluating the utility of a quantitative bleeding score for patients with inherited bleeding disorders. The overall objective for all of our projects is the translation of an understanding of the molecular genetic basis of inherited bleeding disorders into potential novel treatment strategies.

  • Selected publications:

  • Goodeve AC and James P. Von Willebrand Disease in: GeneReviews at GeneTests: Medical Genetics Information Resource June 2009 (database online). Copyright, University of Washington, Seattle, 1997-2009.
  • Bowman M, Mundell G, Grabell J, Hopman W, Rapson D, Lillicrap D, James P. Generation and Validation of the Condensed MCMDM1-VWD Bleeding Questionnaire. J Thromb Haemost 2008; 6: 2062-6.
  • James PD, Stakiw J, Leggo J, Walker I, Lillicrap D. A Case of Non-Resolving Hemophilia B Leyden in a 42 year old Male (F9 promoter +13 A>G). J Thromb Haemost 2008; 6: 885-6.
  • James PD, Notley C, Hegadorn C, Poon M-C, Walker I, Rapson D, AHCDC, Lillicrap D. Challenges in Defining Type 2M von Willebrand Disease: Results from a Canadian Cohort Study. J Thromb Haemost 2007; 5: 1914-22.
  • James PD, Notley C, Hegadorn C, Leggo J, Tuttle A, Tinlin S, Brown C, Andrews C, Labelle A, Chirinian Y, O'Brien L, Othman M, Rivard G, Rapson D, Hough C, AHCDC, Lillicrap D. The Mutational Spectrum of Type 1 von Willebrand Disease: Results from a Canadian Cohort Study. Blood; Jan 2007; 109(1):145-154.
  • James PD, Raut S, Rivard G, Poon M-C, Warner M, McKenna S, Leggo J, Lillicrap D. Aminoglycoside Suppression of Nonsense Mutations in Severe Hemophilia. Blood; Nov 2005; 106: 3043-3048.
  • James PD, O'Brien LA, Hegadorn CA, Notley CRP, Sinclair GD, Hough C, Poon M-C, Lillicrap D. A Novel Type 2A von Willebrand Factor Mutation Located at the Last Nucleotide of Exon 26 (3538G>A) Causes Skipping of Two Non-Adjacent Exons. Blood; Nov 2004; 104: 2739 - 2745.

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