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Digital Pathlogy - Slide Scanning

The QLMP operates a high resolution digital slide scanning and web hosting service.  The Aperio CS scanner can scan bright field slides at 20x and 40x. The Aperio FL scanner can scan fluorescent slides at 20x and 40x.  Images can be hosted on a special web server allowing advanced online annotation and rapid zooming.  The QLMP is also equipped with advanced image analysis tools. The following services are provided:

  • 20x Regular Slide Scanning
  • 20x TMA Slide Scanning

  • 40x Regular Slide Scanning

  • 40x TMA Slide Scanning

  • Host scanned images on a web server with advanced annotation tools

  • Image Analysis (Bright field and Fluorescent)


Image of the Aperio CS slide scanner

Visit our Online High Resolution site:  Aperio Spectrum Server