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Tissue Microarray (TMA) Services

TMA can be employed for high throughput analysis of biomarker expression in a large number of tissue samples. The QLMP can provide free advice to investigators on TMA design.  QLMP has constructed hundreds of TMA blocks with tens of thousands of cores for investigator and Clinical Trials projects.  Cores have been harvested from a wide array of tissue types including prostate, breast, pancreas, lung, ovary, brain, head and neck, and many other disease sites.  The QLMP is equipped with the 3DHistech fully automated tissue microarrayer.  Core size can be 0.6 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, or 2.0 mm.  For 0.6 mm size a single TMA block can consist of over 400 cores.  A complete layout of TMA cores can be provided in excel format to researchers upon request.

For new TMA construction please <contact us> and arrange a meeting to discuss array design, construction, pricing, digital imaging and online access, image analysis, and data handling.

We can provide expertise in the following services:

  • TMA Design and Construction     
  • TMA Block Sectioning     

  • TMA Immunohistochemical Staining     
  • TMA H&E Staining

  • TMA High Resolution Slide Scan (20x and 40x)
  • TMA Scanned Image Web Hosting

In addition, <digital pathology instrumentation> is available for capturing high resolution digital images of TMA spots.  The images can be viewed online along with free tools for image annotation.  Software is available to perform automated quantitative image analysis on both bright field and immunofluorscent images.