Slide Staining

Slide Staining Services

Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E), and Immunofluoroscence (IF) staining:

1) Manual HE Staining
2) Manual IHC and IF staining
3) Automated IHC and IF staining on the Ventana Discovery XT.

We can provide customized immunohistochemistry and  immunofluorescence services:

  • Consultation to assess staining strategies.
  • Chromogenic or fluorescent detection methods offered
  • Multiplex staining available

Custom antibody work-up through the QLMP:

The QLMP Immunostaining Facility performs custom antibody work-up.

We offer free initial consultation and set-up. There is a charge per slide stained during the antibody work-up (~$35 per slide).  In all cases the investigator must supply the antibodies.

Immunostaining may generate false negative and false positive results.  The investigator will require robust positive and negative controls for the initial antibody work-ups, unless there are well validated antibodies available for the target of interest. 

A typical antibody workflow may look like this:

1. Consultation with investigator and mapping out a plan.

2. Acquiring potential antibodies and positive and negative control tissues or cells.

3. Staining run on controls.

4. Information from initial run is used to conduct additional optimization/validation runs.

5. After antibody has been validated and optimal conditions determined for staining, preliminary staining runs are done on investigator's tissue of interest.

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