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Faculty Research Interests

Peter A. Greer, PhD

Peter A. Greer, PhD

“Identification and validation of novel therapeutic targets in cancer”

Oncogenes and tumor suppressors control signaling pathways that regulate cancer cell survival and proliferation.  Elucidation of these pathways reveals novel cancer therapeutic targets.  We are currently exploring the Fes-Fer kinases and calpain proteases as potential therapeutic targets in breast cancer. Blocking these proteins using genetic methods attenuated tumorigenesis in mice, and we are now validating them as therapeutic targets. Approaches include molecular and cellular biology, in silica modeling, RNAi, mass spectrometry, transgenic mice, tumor engraftment, microarrays, intravital microscopy, ultrasound and biophotonic imaging, spinning disc confocal microscopy and flow cytometry.



Tel: (613) 533-6000 x75081
Fax: (613) 533-6830
Email: greerp (at)
Office: Botterell Hall 309B






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