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Educational Activities

Residents attend a weekly academic half-day which covers the curriculum in a comprehensive manner. Activities include Pathology Grand Rounds, Surgical Gross Rounds, Medicolegal Work Rounds, Gross Autopsy and Neuropathology Conferences, and a Research Seminar Series. While many of the sessions are didactic, residents also benefit from slide-based core pathology seminars at the multihead microscope.

A laboratory management series covers topics such as hospital administration, risk management, laboratory licensing and safety, ethics, and strategic planning. Residents also complete a forensic pathology mini-course in which they cover sudden death, gunshot wounds, penetrating wounds, asphyxia, drowning, and fire deaths.

In the final year, residents receive funding to attend the Canadian Association of Pathologist’s Resident Review Course. This three day course helps residents prepare for the Anatomic Pathology Specialty Examination, required for certification by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Dr. Gulisa Turashvili - Anatomical Pathology Resident

Anatomical Pathology

An Overview

Dr. Alanna Church - Anatomical Pathology Resident

Dr. Alanna Church

Anatomical Pathology Resident

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