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The common theme of departmental research programs is molecular medicine:  that is, the elucidation of the pathogenesis of disease at the molecular level and the application of this knowledge to the design and implementation of novel therapies.  Our established programs include cancer biology, vascular biology, genetics, molecular hemostasis, amyloidogenesis and cholesterol metabolism.  Through collaborations with the Queen’s Cancer Research Institute we also have an emerging strength in translational research.

Researchers with Lab Webpages

David Berman
David Berman, MD, PhD

Biomarkers and therapeutic targets for bladder and prostate cancer

Tricia Cottrell
Tricia Cottrell, MD, PhD

Associate Professor
Tumour-immune interactions in solid tumours, and the identification of predictive and prognostic biomarkers in pre-treatment and post-treatment tumour tissues.

Scott Davey
Scott Davey, PhD

Associate Professor
Basic and translational studies of the DNA damage response

Harriet Feilotter
Harriet Feilotter, PhD, FCCMG

Biomarkers to be used in the screening, diagnosis or treatment of huan diseases, including cancer

Peter Greer
Peter Greer, PhD

Identification and validation of novel therapeutic targets in breast cancer

David Lillicrap
David Lillicrap, MD

Molecular hemostasis

Lois Mulligan
Lois Mulligan, PhD

Role of the RET proto-oncogene in cancer

Christopher Nicol
Christopher Nicol, PhD 

Associate Professor
Cell specific roles of PPARs in breast cancer

Anna Panchenko
Anna Panchenko PhD

Professo, Canada Research Chair Tier 1
Computational Biology and Biophysics Lab

Michael Rauh
Michael Rauh, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Translational studies in myeloid blood cancers and innate immune tolerance

Neil Renwick
Neil Renwick, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Translational RNA Biology

Xiaolong Yang
Xiaolong Yang, PhD

The molecular and cellular funtion of tumor suppressors in human cancer

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