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Page Last Updated: 2018 January 25




Cancer499 and Pathology 499 Faculty Research Interests

The faculty listed below have expressed interest in accepting 4th year Life Science Students for the Courses PATH499 and CANC499 in September 2015.

This list was last updated on 2014 December 15th and will be continually updated as new information comes along. Check back often.

Faculty Research Interests (& Lab Links where available)
Biomarkers and therapeutic targets for bladder and prostate cancer
Clinical mass spectrometry
Membrane transport proteins in human health and disease
Testosterone, Troponin, biological variation, estimated GFR, teaching and continuing professional development
Structure/function studies of ABC transporters
Growth factor and cell adhesion signaling in breast cancer metastasis: potential targets for predictive oncology
Biomarker discovery and validation using high throughput genomic methods
Identification and validation of novel therapeutic targets in cancer
Molecular studies of hemostasis
Elucidating the pathobiology of lymphoid neoplasms
Molecular studies of hemostasis
Exploring regulation of receptor tyrosine kinase signaling in normal development and cancer
A novel protective role for PPARg in stopping the growth and spread of tumours
Translational studies in myeloid blood cancers and innate immune tolerance
Systems Pathology: Identification of multi-component therapies in cancer
Roles of tumor suppressors and oncogenes in cancer development, progression, and therapy
Tumour Immunology/Immunotherapy
Compartmented signaling in cells of the cardiovascular system: Roles in angiogenesis
BRCA1's Role in Cancer Stem Cell Development and Risk
Vitamin A and D signalling and metabolism in health and disease
Activation of Stat3 by cell-to-cell adhesion